BORA History

Since 2014, The Credible Forte Company (a member of Inkline Group) have issued annual Best of the Republic Awards (BORA), which targets 50 individuals and organizations from different facets. Indeed, recipients and nominees are those who have had major impact on society.

The Credible Forte Company (organisers of BORA) is an international organisation that brings together entertainers, private sector professionals, public servants and other experts from Nigeria. We are involved in promoting and rewarding excellence among citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is this legacy that the BORA team is intent on rewarding when they envisioned the Best of the Republic Award almost four years ago. The team foresaw an award that would recognize the tremendous human and economic efforts of individuals and organizations that have resulted in significant societal impact.

The Best of the Republic Award Steering Committee is made up of individuals from the Founding Sponsors of the Award, Benefactors of the Award, and professionals who helped launch the Award in 2014.

BORA History
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